The Proptech Podcast Episodes

TCPinpoint: Better ways to set up retail
ProptechBNE: The Australian Proptech Industry Roadmap
Tell Frankie – Why industrial property needs special solutions
Exergenics – Proptech Awards Smart Building Winners
Inndox – Why properties need logbooks
BuildApps – Making Data Easy to Manage
Properti – New solutions for social media
DeltaQ – Why we need a smart building rating
Brickfloor – A purchase price guarantee
HomeLoop – Better Buyer Follow Up
Uxtrata – Making Strata Simple
AI Assets – Making Asset Management Easy
IDS – Property valuations at scale
Rental Heroes – Why Renters Need a Hero
Third Place – A Third Place to Work
ThoughtWorks – 3 Big Trends Affecting Proptech
Willow – Everything you need to know about Digital Twins
Downsizer – Freeing up downsizing
Forbury – Commercial property valuations
Tara Christianson –
Spoke – Making social media simple
REACH Global – Expanding the reach of proptechs
UbiPark – Why parking is proptech
Planet Ark Power – Turning commercial property into solar farms
Archistar – AI-driven development
Switch Automation – Making Buildings Smart With A Switch
Jess Vesely and Daisy Ashworth – Mortgage Mates
Yabonza – Scaling Property Management
Conexie – Making Every Building Smart
LeaseSearch – Australia’s #1 Market Brief Platform