Kylie specialises in research and insights that tell a story to help you achieve your goals of thought leadership, technology adoption or customer experience. All research is delivered as part of a broader content marketing plan and can include media releases, blogs and social media posts.

Kylie is able to craft questions and execute surveys, or examine existing research your team has done and advise on the stories it tells and how to execute a successful content marketing campaign around it to grow your business and win new clients.

Top Performing Agents Report
Client: OpenAgent

The Behaviours of Top Performing Agents Report from OpenAgent revealed that top performing agents contact their leads more quickly, are more thorough in their approach, and are more persistent. 

For this brief, I analysed data from more than 2,000 agents across Australia, examining how quickly they contacted their leads, how many leads they contacted, the number they appraised and the number listed. The data was broken into deciles (groups of 10 per cent of respondents) and sorted the data to compare the top 10% of performers against other groups. 

What we found was that top performing agents behaved consistently in key ways that gave them a significant advantage against other agents, and it helped them convert leads to listings at much higher levels.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Insights Survey

How are real estate agents perceived by the sellers who pay for their service? A look at the quality of customer service being received by vendors in the NZ market and how agents can improve it.